Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yeah, I didn't think you wanted an extra $300 or more a month like I do...

Because if you did want to sign up for this great business opportunity before today, THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP during Sale-a-Bration, you might have done it by now, right?

Because after today, your ticket to being your own boss and not worrying about being fired won't be 15% off, AND you also won't get to pick an additional stamp set worth up to $47.95,

and you also won't get this special gift set from me to go with your new business that I detailed in this post,

AND, you're also passing up the opportunity to pick one of these two Class Kits by Mail from me for free through today only:

What? What's that?
You DO want to earn some extra money each month doing something you love?
Oh, well I'm glad you said so! Hurry and Join My Nationwide Team today before all of these special offers are no good! I'll help you get it done online ASAP! Just call me at 605-939-0 INK (605-939-0465) and I'll walk you through it. If you want to do it yourself, all you need to know is my password for signing up, which is 2stampis2b. Just go to http://2stampis2b.stampinup.net and click "Join Stampin' Up!".

I would love to have you join my team, and I have a lot offer that will help you turn this fun hobby into a thriving business, regardless of your crafting ability! But to maximize your opportunity, DO IT TODAY!

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Katie Ann Brooks said...

well I appreciate the offer, but I am already a demo. :)

Just wanted to tell you I think this is hillarious the way you've done this- in a good way. Hope it works! :)