Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pop-up Card

I've had a great weekend! Teresa and Dean have been here and we've had a lot of fun! Here's a popup card she taught me to make (mine is the one on the left using the Seasonal Whimsy stamp and the poppin' pastels technique).

Teresa and I met on SCS after I noticed her motorcyle avatar and my husband realized her photo was taken here in the Black Hills. After a lot of messaging and meeting during the Sturgis Rally at Hog Heaven, her and Dean have returned to see the Custer Park Buffalo Roundup. We did some stamping, they toured Spearfish Canyon for the fall colors, and we capped the weekend off with a campfire here at the house. We thoroughly enjoyed having them here (including my son, who had so much fun!). Very generous and nice people! Oh, and there was the dinner at The Alpine Inn (not to be missed), and pie from the Purple Pie Place (yum!). And I'm not sure if Dean volunteered or got roped into it, but our wood stove chimney on our really high roof is now clean (sorry for the soot explosion!), and we also have a good start to a load of firewood! At least the guys got some ATV riding in.
I'll have more photos from the weekend, so stay tuned. Thanks for a great weekend Teresa and Dean! We're so glad you came up! Thanks for EVERYTHING!


love2Bcreative said...

Oh! It WAS such a fun weekend ;o) One of our best trips out here to date -- seriously! We loved every minute of it!! I am sooo glad thatwe have met, all thanks to SCS! AND your DH walking by the computer just at the right time!! *Thanks D!*

G man is such a fun little boy - I am just amazed how he can sit and stamp with us alll day!! (I wonder if he will do that when he is a teen too? LOL!)

Your guest house is just awesome - I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a place to stay while touring the wonderful Black Hills!

I am looking forward to our future friendship, Michelle!


Kim said...

These are so cute!! I've had them on my to-do list for quite some time - I guess I need to get to it! So neat that you met someone on SCS - sounds like you had a great visit together! So fun!! Oh, you stationary box is adorable too! Again on my to-do list - I better get going :)

Angie Tieman said...

How fun! Love these!

Rhonda said...

These are so cute! I love the popup cards! Great job.